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A question on Lamdify

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Hi there,
Recently I have written a code to receive  two matrices and makes somethig like:

[[y0(x0) y1(x0) y2(x0)....yn(x0)],
[y0(x1) y1(x1) y2(x1)....yn(x1)],
[y0(x2) y1(x2) y2(x2)....yn(x2)],
[y0(xn) y1(xn) y2(xn)....yn(xn)]]

The thing I ended up coding was:

def g(points,y):
  f = lambdify(x, y, "numpy")
  return ff(points)

this works correctly if y is just an element(not a matrix or vector). That means when I run g(points,x)
i.e y==x , it results in :

[[x0 x0 x0...x0],
 [x1 x1 x1...x1]
 [xn xn xn...xn]]

but does not work out in case of considering y as a matrix or vector,
is there any body can help me out?