ANN: Bokeh 0.12.4 Released

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ANN: Bokeh 0.12.4 Released

Bryan Van de Ven-2
Hi all,

On behalf of the Bokeh team, I am pleased to announce the release of version 0.12.4 of Bokeh!

Please see the announcement post at:

which has more information as well as live demonstrations.

If you are using Anaconda/miniconda, you can install it with conda:

        conda install -c bokeh bokeh

Alternatively, you can also install it with pip:

        pip install bokeh

Full information including details about how to use and obtain BokehJS are at:

Issues, enhancement requests, and pull requests can be made on the Bokeh Github page:

Documentation is available at

There are over 200 total contributors to Bokeh and their time and effort help make Bokeh such an amazing project and community. Thank you again for your contributions.

Finally (as always), for questions, technical assistance or if you're interested in contributing, questions can be directed to the Bokeh mailing list: [hidden email] or the Gitter Chat room:


Bryan Van de Ven
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