ANN: SfePy 2019.3

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ANN: SfePy 2019.3

Robert Cimrman
I am pleased to announce release 2019.3 of SfePy.


SfePy (simple finite elements in Python) is a software for solving systems of
coupled partial differential equations by the finite element method or by the
isogeometric analysis (limited support). It is distributed under the new BSD

Home page:
Mailing list:
Git (source) repository, issue tracker:

Highlights of this release

- interface to eigenvalue problem solvers in SLEPc
- new Python 3 enabled Timer class and other Python 3 compatibility fixes

For full release notes see [1].

Robert Cimrman



Contributors to this release in alphabetical order:

Robert Cimrman
Vladimir Lukes

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