Cythonize and add backslash logic to "scipy.linalg.solve"

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Cythonize and add backslash logic to "scipy.linalg.solve"

Ilhan Polat
Dear all,

I've finally managed to draft a PR [1] for the functionality given in the title (see also "Algorithms" section of [2]). It is almost halfway done but the gist is already in place.

I'm posting this to both NumPy and SciPy lists since I think it is important enough to get feedback from all parties involved.The particular detail I need to be taught is the Cython parts and fleshing out anti-patterns and code smells. Probably NumPy folks are better equipped to spot the C related issues. There is this ILP64 issue that I am aware of which would cause a bit of trouble and I would appreciate it if we can tackle it at this early stage.

Thanks in advance,

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