GSoD Project External tutorial content curation and adaptation

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GSoD Project External tutorial content curation and adaptation

Siddhartha Kapoor
I was going through the project titled "External tutorial content curation and adaptation" with mentors asĀ Melissa Mendonca Weber, Ralf Gommers. I propose we can do the following -
1. Gather all the info about external tutorials in the form of videos, blogs, etc. any content that can help a user understand numpy would be taken.
2. Categorise all the content into different types, i.e. Video, 3rd party documentation, blogs, etc.
3. Obtain the required permissions to source the content.

After this I am not sure as to how to present it to the larger community, we can either go about it as, I was thinking of something like this
Add a separate section in the wiki and add all the links along with their descriptions and what it's about

Any feedback would be appreciated on this.
I am pursuing electronics and communication. I have knowledge of python, html, css, js and react.js, and I have just started contributing to open source.

Siddharth Kapoor

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