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Google Season of Docs proposals and information

Melissa Mendonça
Hello all, especially those who recently joined and are interested in our Google Season of Docs projects.

It is great to hear from you!

For now, all the information you need about the program is in the official GSoD website (, and in our proposal (

If you are interested, I would advise working on the following:

- Familiarizing yourself with the NumPy docs and the workflow for building them (
- Reading NEP 44 to have an idea of the current vision and focus for the docs (
- Working on your own proposal, so we can analyze it later.

You have until June 8 to do this, and if you need help or have questions about any of the above, please get in touch so we can help. Make sure you get in touch with the mentors directly by sending your message to [hidden email] .

I would also recomment that you attend our Documentation Team meeting taking place next Monday, May 18, at 3PM UTC (more details in a separate message to follow shortly).


- Melissa

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