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[JOB] Software Engineer position for open source/development projects

Nadia Dencheva

Who we are:

The Data Analysis Tools Branch (DATB) at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, MD, has an opening for a software engineer to work on community developed projects like astropy, asdf, etc. DATB develops open source data-analysis tools for astronomy though some of them are general and used by other sciences. Contributions to numpy/scipy are possible.


We are looking for someone with the following skillset
  • Proficient in Python and C/C++ .
  • Comfortable developing primarily in/for Linux/Unix environment.
  • Experience with software library development and library API design
  • Experience writing developer and user documentation.
  • Fluent with continuous integration, Git and common developer tools.
  • Skilled in testing tools
  • Familiarity with both binary data representation in CPU memory and with data serialization standards such as YAML, JSON and XML

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