Japanese translation of numpy.org complete - proofreader help wanted

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Japanese translation of numpy.org complete - proofreader help wanted

Hi all,

We have our first complete translation of the numpy.org content, Japanese, thanks to Atsushi Sakai. It would be really helpful if someone else who speaks Japanese can proofread the translations. Then it's ready to deploy I think - we just need to enable the language switcher widget, the code for that was tested already.

Proofreading is done in Crowdin, which is a friendly interface for translators see - https://github.com/numpy/numpy/wiki/Translations-of-the-NumPy-website. This should not take more than an hour or two I think, and would be a very valuable contribution. If you'd like to do this and want help, or report that it all looks good, you can reply here, comment on the PR that the crowdin bot opened (https://github.com/numpy/numpy.org/pull/385), or use the Discussions tab in Crowdin.

The Brazilian Portuguese translation is also close to complete (72%). If anyone feels motivated to complete that, that'd be great too - it could be taken along in the initial launch then. There were also some discussions about correct Portuguese terminology I believe, Melissa could you point to those in case that is relevant for completion?


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