Journey with NumPy in Docs Development

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Journey with NumPy in Docs Development

Saber Tooth
Hello [hidden email] [hidden email] [hidden email]  ,

My journey working with NumPy Docs team has been nothing short of Progressive , the insights that i have gained attending the Docs meeting has helped me refine my proposal . Attending the past 3 meetings have helped me remove some of redundant features in my proposal , letting me structure the Explanations , How-To's ,Tutorials in a better way keeping in mind the requirements as highlighted by NEP-44 and the mentors .

I have really tried to work upon NumPy community bonding , i have been a part of some really good discussions , contributed to some ideas , raised some queries ☺ which so far i can say has been really progressive for me to start contributing , as today i understand what NumPy Docs is trying  to deliver .

I have really been enticed by the workflow of the community which encourages me to think and contribute to as much as I can. I have been mining the NumPy Discussion mailing list since last meeting using the archive as mentioned in Hackmd doc by [hidden email]  , collecting topics for which we can frame Tutorials , How To's and Explanations . Discussion around Explanations has been really fruitful with [hidden email]  and the community . Moreover I am working on a how-to nowadays for which I will soon open a PR . Contributing to NumPy in such a manner I believe will help me get started with Official Documentation Period in  a more Efficient manner , as i had already worked upon Community Bonding which will continue to strengthen in upcoming days . 

Thank You  for  your encouragement and having me , I am looking into delivering much more and contributing to my GSoD Proposal  and beyond that too .

Thanks ,
Mrinal Tyagi

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