NumPy 1.12.0b1 released.

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NumPy 1.12.0b1 released.

Charles R Harris
Hi All,

I'm pleased to annouce the release of NumPy 1.12.0b1. This release supportsĀ  Python 2.7 and 3.4 - 3.6 and is the result of 388 pull requests submitted by 133 contributors. It is quite sizeable and rather than put the release notes inline I've attached them as a file and they may also be viewed at Github. Zip files and tarballs may also be found the Github link. Wheels and source archives may be downloaded from PyPI, which is the recommended method.

This release is a large collection of fixes, enhancements, and improvements and it is difficult to select just a few as highlights. However, the following enhancements may be of particular interest
  • Order of operations in ``np.einsum`` now can be optimized for large speed improvements.
  • New ``signature`` argument to ``np.vectorize`` for vectorizing with core dimensions.
  • The ``keepdims`` argument was added to many functions.
  • Support for PyPy 2.7 v5.6.0 has been added. While not complete, this is a milestone for PyPy's C-API compatibility layer.

Thanks to all,


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