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NumPy 1.16.5 released

Charles R Harris
Hi All,

On behalf of the NumPy team I am pleased to announce that NumPy 1.16.5  has been released. This release fixes bugs reported against the 1.16.4 release and backports several enhancements from master that seem appropriate for the LTS release series that is the last to support Python 2.7.  

Downstream developers should use Cython >= 0.29.2 and OpenBLAS >= 3.7 to avoid wrong results on the Skylake architecture. The NumPy wheels on PyPI are built from the OpenBLAS development branch in order to avoid those problems. Wheels for this release can be downloaded from PyPI, source archives and release notes are available from Github.


A total of 18 people contributed to this release.  People with a "+" by their
names contributed a patch for the first time.
  • Alexander Shadchin
  • Allan Haldane
  • Bruce Merry +
  • Charles Harris
  • Colin Snyder +
  • Dan Allan +
  • Emile +
  • Eric Wieser
  • Grey Baker +
  • Maksim Shabunin +
  • Marten van Kerkwijk
  • Matti Picus
  • Peter Andreas Entschev +
  • Ralf Gommers
  • Richard Harris +
  • Sebastian Berg
  • Sergei Lebedev +
  • Stephan Hoyer

Pull requests merged

A total of 23 pull requests were merged for this release.
  • gh-13742: ENH: Add project URLs to
  • gh-13823: TEST, ENH: fix tests and ctypes code for PyPy
  • gh-13845: BUG: use npy_intp instead of int for indexing array
  • gh-13867: TST: Ignore DeprecationWarning during nose imports
  • gh-13905: BUG: Fix use-after-free in boolean indexing
  • gh-13933: MAINT/BUG/DOC: Fix errors in _add_newdocs
  • gh-13984: BUG: fix byte order reversal for datetime64[ns]
  • gh-13994: MAINT,BUG: Use nbytes to also catch empty descr during allocation
  • gh-14042: BUG: np.array cleared errors occured in PyMemoryView_FromObject
  • gh-14043: BUG: Fixes for Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (UBSan) errors.
  • gh-14044: BUG: ensure that casting to/from structured is properly checked.
  • gh-14045: MAINT: fix histogram*d dispatchers
  • gh-14046: BUG: further fixup to histogram2d dispatcher.
  • gh-14052: BUG: Replace contextlib.suppress for Python 2.7
  • gh-14056: BUG: fix compilation of 3rd party modules with Py_LIMITED_API...
  • gh-14057: BUG: Fix memory leak in dtype from dict contructor
  • gh-14058: DOC: Document array_function at a higher level.
  • gh-14084: BUG, DOC: add new recfunctions to `__all__`
  • gh-14162: BUG: Remove stray print that causes a SystemError on python 3.7
  • gh-14297: TST: Pin pytest version to 5.0.1.
  • gh-14322: ENH: Enable huge pages in all Linux builds
  • gh-14346: BUG: fix behavior of structured_to_unstructured on non-trivial...
  • gh-14382: REL: Prepare for the NumPy 1.16.5 release.

Charles Harris

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