NumPy 1.18.3 released.

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NumPy 1.18.3 released.

Charles R Harris
Hi All,

On behalf of the NumPy team I am pleased to announce that NumPy 1.18.3 has been released. This release contains various bug/regression fixes for the 1.18 series

The Python versions supported in this release are 3.5-3.8. Downstream developers should use Cython >= 0.29.15 for Python 3.8 support and OpenBLAS >= 3.7 to avoid errors on the Skylake architecture.  Wheels for this release can be downloaded from PyPI, source archives and release notes are available from Github.


Fix for the method='eigh' and method='cholesky' options in numpy.random.multivariate_normal. Those were producing samples from the wrong distribution.


A total of 6 people contributed to this release.  People with a "+" by their
names contributed a patch for the first time.
  • Charles Harris
  • Max Balandat +
  • @Mibu287 +
  • Pan Jan +
  • Sebastian Berg
  • @panpiort8 +

Pull requests merged

A total of 5 pull requests were merged for this release.
  • #15916: BUG: Fix eigh and cholesky methods of numpy.random.multivariate_normal
  • #15929: BUG,MAINT: Remove incorrect special case in string to number...
  • #15930: BUG: Guarantee array is in valid state after memory error occurs...
  • #15954: BUG: Check that pvals is 1D in _generator.multinomial.
  • #16017: BUG: Alpha parameter must be 1D in _generator.dirichlet


Charles Harris

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