NumPy community town hall on Oct 14th

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NumPy community town hall on Oct 14th

Hi all,

Tomorrow there will be no regular community meeting. Instead, we will be holding a town hall meeting at 1pm PDT (20:00 UTC), focused on community building, our diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) efforts, ways for new contributors to plug in, and related topics. For details see

A few comments and requests:
  1. We promised to hold this town hall after the controversy on Twitter following the criticism of the lack of diversity in the NumPy paper author list. The town hall was announced on Twitter too ( and we also invited a number of organizations focused on DEI issues in STEM and open source, like PyLadies.
  2. The event is focused on outreach, not on project-internal discussion.
  3. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Please do keep in mind that we're focused on a sensitive topic here - the focus is on our community building, mentorship, DEI, etc. efforts, so please only weigh in on those as a member/representative of the NumPy project if you're (a) familiar with our efforts and recent history in this area, and (b) comfortable commenting on this topic in public.
  4. This Discourse is new. We set it up because we needed a friendly forum with much better moderation tools than either the mailing list or Twitter provides. We may aim to keep it if it goes well and we like what Discourse has to offer, that's for later to propose and decide. For now this Discourse instance is just for this event.

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