Proposal to accept NEP 32: Remove the financial functions from NumPy

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Proposal to accept NEP 32: Remove the financial functions from NumPy

Warren Weckesser-2
NEP 32 is available at

Recent timeline:
  • 30-Aug-2019 - A pull request with NEP 32 submitted.
  • 03-Sep-2019 - Announcement of the NEP 32 pull request on the NumPy-Discussion mailing list, with the text of the NEP included in the email.
  • 08-Sep-2019 - NEP 32 announced on the PyData mailing list (not standard procedure, but suggested in a response to the email in NumPy-Discussion).
  • 09-Sep-2019 - NEP 32 pull request merged.
  • 11-Sep-2019 - Emails sent to the NumPy-Discussion and PyData mailing lists with links to the online version of the NEP.
Only one user (speaking for a group of 12 or so) expressed a preference for keeping the functions in NumPy, and that user acknowledged "Probably not a huge inconvenience if we would have to use another library". (The NEP includes a plan to provide an alternative package for the functions.)  Several other users were in favor of removing them.  Among the current NumPy developers who have expressed an opinion, all are in favor of removing the functions.

There have been no additional email responses since the reminder was sent on September 11.

In accordance with NEP 0, I propose that the status of NEP 32 be changed to *Accepted*. If there are no substantive objections within 7 days from this email, then the NEP will be accepted; see NEP 0 for more details (


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