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Re: Simple financial functions for NumPy

>  > Right now it looks like there is a mix of attitudes, about the
>  > financial
>  > functions.   They are a small enough addition, that I don't think it
>  > matters terribly much what we do with them.  So, it seems to me that
>  > keeping them in numpy.lib and following the rule for that namespace
>  > for
>  > 1.0.5 will be viewed as anywhere from tolerable to a good idea
>  > depending
>  > on your point of view.
>  Just to be sure, you are talking about functions to compute interest
>  rates, cumulative interests, asset depreciation, annuity periodic
>  payments, security yields, and stuff like this?
>  Joris

Actually, I was wondering about this, I wasn't sure if you might mean
option pricing, stochastic calculus and black-scholes analytic

I use these things fairly heavily, calling NumPy and SciPy functions.

My instinct is that these are probably more appropriate for SciPy
since they are quite niche (in comparison to something like fourier

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