Sprint leaders wanted for SciPy Japan

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Sprint leaders wanted for SciPy Japan

Juan Nunez-Iglesias-2
Hi NumPythonistas, and apologies cross-posting.

I am sprints chair for the upcoming SciPy Japan virtual conference [1]. It’s running Oct 30-31 (main conference) and Nov 1-2 (sprints). This is the second SciPy Japan conference and the first with sprints. The sprints officially run from 9am to 5pm Tokyo time, which corresponds to 11am-7pm Australia Eastern time and 4pm-midnight Sat-Sun USA West Coast. (I won’t bother with the Europe time. 😂)

We currently have sprints confirmed for CuPy, dask-image, Apache Arrow, scikit-image, Sphinx, and napari. I’ve asked the scikit-learn team if they would like to lead a sprint, and would like to ask the same for NumPy and SciPy devs. (I won’t cross post to SciPy due to large overlap — please help me spread the word!)

If anyone from the core teams is willing to lead a sprint on those dates, please let me know!

Thank you,


[1]: https://www.scipyjapan.scipy.org
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