Triage-review and Triaged labels & triage meeting

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Triage-review and Triaged labels & triage meeting

Hi all,

We now have "Triage-review" and "Triaged" labels, to go with the bi-weekly meeting we will start with this week. For those that missed it in the notes from the sprint: the idea is to change from the weekly "community call" meetings to:

1. a bi-weekly community call with higher-level topics (roadmap, docs, website, funding, the bigger NEPs, etc.) that should be interesting and accessible to anyone with an interest in where NumPy is going, and

2. a bi-weekly triage meeting, where we can discuss specific issues, blocked PRs, discuss whether some issue or idea should be high-prio or not, etc.

The first triage meeting will be this Wednesday. To prepare for that, we created the new labels. It will take some time to figure out how to make these meetings most effective, and we'll discuss that in the meeting. One of the main topics on the agenda will be the actual issues and PRs that maintainers have labeled with "Triage-review". So if you have specific issues in mind that you think are high-prio or important to discuss for some other reason, please add that tag. After discussion, we aim to change the tag to "Triaged" with some summary and possibly the high-prio tag.

Please feel free to put other things on the agenda ([1]) as well.


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