numpy.ndarray.T doesn't change the structure?

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numpy.ndarray.T doesn't change the structure?

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 I've come across something very odd using NumPy. In the following lines I
 use numpy.ndarray.T, but it seems it doesn't change the structure of the
 data only the way they're displayed. Which was a problem for what I wanted
 to do (I changed my approach since and was able to do what I wanted:
 sorting the 2-D array a certain way). But still I found it very curious
 since the shape, the type and dtype of both arrays are the same. Does anyone
 have any idea what's happening?

  >>> import numpy as np
  >>> x=np.array([[0,1,2],[1,2,3]])
  >>> x=x.T
  >>> print x
  [[0 1]
   [1 2]
   [2 3]]
  >>> y=np.array([[0,1],[1,2],[2,3]])
  >>> print y
  [[0 1]
   [1 2]
   [2 3]]
  >>> y.view('i8,i8')
  array([[(0, 1)],
         [(1, 2)],
         [(2, 3)]],
        dtype=[('f0', '<i8'), ('f1', '&lt;i8')])
  >>> x.view('i8,i8')
  Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  ValueError: new type not compatible with array.

 PS: an x.view("i8,i8,i8") works  and y.view("i8,i8,i8") doesn't .